Found In Exchange Traded Funds

Bitcoin Investment Trust (GBTC) Key Statistics   Minor Support Level 9.73 Minor Resistance Level 14.37 Major Support Level 2.01 Major Resistance Level 27.34 Minor Buy Signal 14.77 Minor Sell Signal 9.25 Major Buy Signal 28.01 Major Sell Signal 1.31 SHORT-TERM VIEW – Bitcoin GBTC...
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SPDR Dow Jones Industrial Average ETF (DIA) – The Great Transformation

The New Economy Takes Over the DIA - What's Next?

SPDR Dow Jones Industrial Average ETF (DIA) Key Statistics – DIA   Minor Support Level 259.94 Minor Resistance Level 285.79 Major Support Level 112.14 Major Resistance Level 304.68 Minor Buy Signal 292.36 Minor Sell Signal 255.35 Major Buy Signal 313.49 Major Sell Signal 101.33...
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Cash Is Trash – What’s Next For the S&P 500 SPY

SPDR S&P 500 ETF (SPY) Key Statistics   Minor Support Level 293.22 Minor Resistance Level 352.71 Major Support Level 155.73 Major Resistance Level 377.92 Minor Buy Signal 358.75 Minor Sell Signal 286.33 Major Buy Signal 389.77 Major Sell Signal 139.54 BRIEF OVERVIEW Risk-on risk-off...
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SPDR FactSet Innovative Technology ETF (XITK)

America 2.0 & The Fourth Industrial Revolution

SPDR FactSet Innovative Technology ETF (XITK) Key Statistics Minor Support Level 123.27 Minor Resistance Level 153.33 Major Support Level 64.59 Major Resistance Level 166.54 Minor Buy Signal 159.90 Minor Sell Signal 117.26 Major Buy Signal 177.28 Major Sell Signal 52.00 BRIEF OVERVIEW – XITK...
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iShares Russell 3000 IWV Exchange Traded Fund Analysis

The ETF That Tracks the Broad-based Market Including the Nasdaq and S&P500

iShares Russell 3000 ETF (IWV) Key Statistics   Minor Support Level 156.37 Minor Resistance Level 188.81 Major Support Level 100.00 Major Resistance Level 207.44 Minor Buy Signal 194.97 Minor Sell Signal 151.91 Major Buy Signal 221.84 Major Sell Signal 86.01 BRIEF OVERVIEW – IWV...
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What’s Next for the Nasdaq 100 ETF – QQQ ?

Bulls Are In Complete Control Of the Short-Term Momentum

Invesco QQQ ETF (QQQ) Key Statistics Minor Support Level 203.42 Minor Resistance Level 243.59 Major Support Level 60.04 Major Resistance Level 267.47 Minor Buy Signal 247.81 Minor Sell Signal 196.17 Major Buy Signal 279.63 Major Sell Signal 49.93 BRIEF OVERVIEW – QQQ Arguably, Martin...
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