Found In Country Equity Index ETFs

iShares MSCI Saudi Arabia EFT (KSA)

Bulls Firmly in Control

iShares MSCI Saudi Arabia ETF (KSA) Key Statistics – iShares KSA ETF   Minor Support Level 27.87 Minor Resistance Level 32.87 Major Support Level 22.59 Major Resistance Level 35.10 Minor Buy Signal 33.43 Minor Sell Signal 27.06 Major Buy Signal 36.77 Major Sell Signal...
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Is the global economy on the verge of a recession?

iShares MSCI Germany EFT (EWG)

iShares MSCI Germany EFT (EWG) Key Statistics   Minor Support Level 24.78 Minor Resistance Level 29.33 Major Support Level 12.47 Major Resistance Level 34.81 Minor Buy Signal 30.10 Minor Sell Signal 24.40 Major Buy Signal 36.71 Major Sell Signal 10.63 BRIEF OVERVIEW Is the...
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Russia ETF Bears and Bulls at War

iShares MSCI Russia ETF (ERUS) Key Statistics Daily Close 37.32 Long-Term Trend (100 SMA) Bullish Minor Support Level 33.51 Minor Resistance Level 38.71 Major Support Level 19.64 Major Resistance Level 59.22 Minor Buy Signal 39.23 Minor Sell Signal 33.07 Major Buy Signal 62.08 Major...
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SPDR S&P 500 ETF SPY – Bears Take Control of Short Term Momentum

Long-Term? Still Bullish

SPDR S&P 500 ETF SPY Key Statistics   Minor Support Level 255.63 Minor Resistance Level 280.23 Major Support Level 107.43 Major Resistance Level 304.62 Minor Buy Signal 281.84 Minor Sell Signal 254.00 Major Buy Signal 308.45 Major Sell Signal 101.13 BRIEF OVERVIEW – SPDR S&P...
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iShares EZU MSCI Eurozone ETF

Bull Market Continues - Highest Levels since 2008

iShares EZU MSCI Eurozone ETF Key Statistics ISHARES EZU Minor Support Level 42.39 Minor Resistance Level 47.78 Major Support Level 20.08 Major Resistance Level 58.55 Minor Buy Signal 48.65 Minor Sell Signal 41.48 Major Buy Signal 63.69 Major Sell Signal 17.98 BRIEF OVERVIEW – iShares EZU...
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