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ETF Investing Tips

Follow these tips to productive exchange traded funds investing

ETF Investing Tips The ultimate goal of every investor should be to maximize investment returns while mitigating potential losses. While there are several investment options available, ETF (Exchange Traded Fund) investment may prove to be the best investment choice for you if you want...
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S&P 500 SPDR (SPY) – Weekly Report for July 31st

Cyclical Trend  – Bearish on a monthly close below 107.43 Secular Trend  –  Bearish on a monthly close below 60.38 SHORT-TERM VIEW SPY generated another new all-time high on Jul 27th. Without question, this is the most powerful bull market performance in the 24-year...
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Exchange Traded Funds vs Mutual Funds

ETFs have lower costs which compounds significantly over the years

There are several different financial products available for investing in the stock market and bond market. The two most popular products are exchange traded funds and mutual funds. What’s the difference between an exchange traded fund and a mutual fund? What are the costs...
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