Guggenheim Solar ETF TAN – Where did the Bright Future Go?

Bears in charge, what does it take to breakout for the bulls?

Guggenheim Solar ETF – TAN Key Statistics   Minor Support Level 21.73 Minor Resistance Level 26.19 Major Support Level 15.00 Major Resistance Level 116.70 Minor Buy Signal 26.70 Minor Sell Signal 21.05 Major Buy Signal 138.40 Major Sell Signal 12.60 BRIEF OVERVIEW –¬†SOLAR ETF...
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Video Game ETF GAMR – Path of Least Resistance is Higher

It's Not Just Fun & Games with this ETF

ETFMG Video Game Tech ETF (GAMR) Key Statistics Minor Support Level 45.30 Minor Resistance Level 50.90 Major Support Level 28.45 Major Resistance Level 51.93 Minor Buy Signal 51.49 Minor Sell Signal 44.74 Major Buy Signal 55.42 Major Sell Signal 25.23 BRIEF OVERVIEW In November...
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iShares MSCI Japan ETF EWJ Analysis

Short Term Bears, Long Term Bulls

iShares MSCI Japan ETF EWJ Key Statistics Daily Close 58.28 Long-Term Trend (100 SMA) Bearish Minor Support Level 57.58 Minor Resistance Level 61.72 Major Support Level 27.36 Major Resistance Level 66.25 Minor Buy Signal 62.33 Minor Sell Signal 57.15 Major Buy Signal 69.82 Major...
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Vanguard Real Estate ETF VNQ

Death of shopping malls or real estate opportunity?

Vanguard Real Estate ETF (VNQ) Key Statistics   Minor Support Level 72.62 Minor Resistance Level 81.73 Major Support Level 27.82 Major Resistance Level 88.67 Minor Buy Signal 82.93 Minor Sell Signal 72.05 Major Buy Signal 92.92 Major Sell Signal 25.45 BRIEF OVERVIEW – Vanguard...
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Global X Uranium ETF – URA

G-X Uranium ETF: URA Key Statistics   Minor Support Level 12.45 Minor Resistance Level 15.91 Major Support Level 11.31 Major Resistance Level 87.48 Minor Buy Signal 16.29 Minor Sell Signal 12.06 Major Buy Signal 93.96 Major Sell Signal 10.45 BRIEF OVERVIEW –¬†Uranium ETF URA...
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Russia ETF Bears and Bulls at War

iShares MSCI Russia ETF (ERUS) Key Statistics Daily Close 37.32 Long-Term Trend (100 SMA) Bullish Minor Support Level 33.51 Minor Resistance Level 38.71 Major Support Level 19.64 Major Resistance Level 59.22 Minor Buy Signal 39.23 Minor Sell Signal 33.07 Major Buy Signal 62.08 Major...
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SGG Sugar ETF – Sweet Returns?

Sorry, we could not resist the pun

iPath Bloomberg Sugar Subindex Total Return ETN (SGG) Key Statistics Daily Close 27.38 Long-Term Trend (100 SMA) Bearish Minor Support Level 26.45 Minor Resistance Level 29.10 Major Support Level 23.79 Major Resistance Level 99.32 Minor Buy Signal 30.00 Minor Sell Signal 26.12 Major Buy...
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iShares France EWQ Exchange Traded Fund

Is France poised to take off to the upside?

iShares MSCI France ETF EWQ Key Statistics   Daily Close 32.09 Long-Term Trend (100 SMA) Bullish Minor Support Level 29.84 Minor Resistance Level 32.35 Major Support Level 14.39 Major Resistance Level 37.96 Minor Buy Signal 32.97 Minor Sell Signal 29.48 Major Buy Signal 40.08...
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