Updated ETF Power Ratio – June 24th, 2024

Here's the update for June, 2024 - A clear narrowing of market breadth as the buying gets more concentrated - slight tick up this past week

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by Mark Soberman in Uncategorized
April 30, 2021 9 comments

Learn how to use the Power Ratio Here

  1. Ken Witt says:

    It would be helpful to repeat the column headings above each section for reference and at the very end.
    One at the beginning (top) is not enough. Have to scroll back up to refresh one’s memory of what that column heading is.

    1. Mark Soberman says:

      Hey Ken, that’s a good idea. Let me see if the developer can get that accomplished. Thanks.

  2. Thomas says:

    Very interesting. Thank you.

  3. brian garnett says:

    If I use the power ration for investments – should I use weekly or wait for monthly figures for the medium/long term basis?

    1. Mark Soberman says:

      Brian, I would suggest you combine this with the individual rankings of your specific ETF. Keep in mind, even a negative/bearish Power Score (like we just entered) can have some ETFs still very much in bullish territory. This is definitely a clear sign that despite some recent strength in areas, there are more under than overperforming ETFs. But, that still means some are and have headed higher. I would typically suggest tightening up stops, and watching the Power Scores very closely of your individual ETF. Thanks.

  4. brian garnett says:

    Thanks – if you are not stopped out do you exit when the PS and LT both go negative?

    1. Mark Soberman says:

      Brian – yes, that’s correct – if both of those roll negative I’m out.

  5. Clint Steiner says:

    Is the idea of this EFT investing strategy to buy / sell all the time? If your EFT is out of the green zone do you sell and replace with another one?

    What about Fees of the EFT? Won’t that have a big impact on returns with the constant rebalancing? You might be in on EFT for a couple of months but you already paid the Fees?

    1. Mark Soberman says:

      Hello – I suggest you review the tutorial here: That gives you a solid idea how we use it and what we suggest. We’re almost never buying & selling. For example during this bull run I’ve been in for over a year. That won’t always be the case but review that page, and shows you what we look for (primarily the values the Power Score & LT Trend) Thanks.

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Ready To Fire Your Money Manager?

Free Access to the NetPicks ETF Investor - 100+ Top ETFs Analyzed