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POWERSHARES QQQ ETF Could this Bull Run Until 2022?

Despite Extreme Valuations vs Historical Are There Any Signs of Weakness?

PowerShares QQQ ETF (QQQ) Key Statistics Daily Short-Term Trend Bullish Intermediate-Term Trend Bullish Long-Term Trend Bullish Minor Support Level 149.20 Minor Resistance Level 160.79 Major Support Level 41.55 Major Resistance Level 174.50 Minor Buy Signal 161.94 Minor Sell Signal 147.71 Major Buy Signal 175.66...
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Bank Stocks Soar – S&P Bank SPDR ETF – KBE Analysis

S&P Bank SPDR ETF KBE Key Statistics (as of 11/310/17 Daily High 48.40 Short-Term Trend Bullish Daily Low 47.38 Intermediate-Term Trend Bullish Daily Close 47.45 Long-Term Trend Bullish Minor Support Level 43.15 Minor Resistance Level 48.62 Major Support Level 20.15 Major Resistance Level 58.89...
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Why I love Exchange Traded Funds

And, So Should You!

This video perfectly encapsulates why I personally love using Exchange Traded Funds, and I think you should be using them. The video does focus more on shorter term use of ETFs and leveraged funds, and our service here is more focused on long term...
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