Weekly Exchange Traded Funds Update – March 27th, 2017

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The Power Ratio remains solidly bullish at 73%.  You can see the updated Power Score Ratio Here

Though this prior week saw some selling, the Power Ratio did not change significantly.

I like to look at extremes to see what’s the strongest and weakest in the overall ETF Heat Map and also various sectors.  It can be insightful, and if nothing else – fascinating.

I do like to observe any ETFs that have moved up to Quintile #1 (strongest overall) or down to the lowest Quintile #5 (weakest overall)

Moving Up to Quintile #1:  Spain EWP, Italy EWI, Emerging Asia Pacific GMF, Sweden EWD, Middle East Africale GAF
Dropping Down to Quintile #5:  Swedish Currency FXS, US Real Estate IYR, North American Natural Resources IGE, Nickel JJN, Energy XLE, Telecom VOX

What is the Strongest ETF right now?

CS Velocity Shares Daily Inverse VIX – Interesting right?  We’ve seen this at #1 for a while.  Though backing off its gains of late (up almost 40% last 3 months).  Markets have been so steady up for a long time that the volatility has been low.  This turned positive in our ETF advisory May, 2016.  Below $30 at the time.

What is the Weakest ETF right now?

Barclays iPath S&P500 Vix Short Term VXX – Well, that figures.  If the strongest is the inverse of the Volatility index, the weakest just might be this one right?!?

However, just off the lowest you see United States Oil/USO, U.S. Natural Gas/UNG and Guggenheim Solar/TAN — so you know one sector to avoid.

I also like looking at various Asset Classes.

Strongest ETF Region?

Chili (ECH), Spain (EWP), Brazil which is rebounding off a pummeling (EWZ), Austria (EWO), India (EPI) and South Korea (EWI).

Weakest Region?

Malaysia (EWM), Turkey (TUR), Canada (EWC), Belgium (EWK)

Strongest Sector?

Financials (XLF) though this sector has peaked a bit last 3 months.  Technology (XLK) just behind.

Weakest Sector?

Energy Select ETF (XLE) down over 10% last 90 days.

Simple Portfolio

In our simplest portfolio, the Stocks & Bonds Portfolio Strategy we continue to hold the Schwab US Large Cap ETF but are definitely out of the iShares 30 Year Treasury Bonds TLT.  For example, if you’re 70% Stocks, 30% bonds you’d be sitting on 30% cash, in the market with 70%.  Bonds are slightly down since we got our exit back in November.

Mark’s Portfolio

You’ll see my portfolio in the Asset Class page under 20-Misc.  Right now everything still remains long with the exception of iShares 20 Plus Year Treasuries TLT.  My best gainers are coming from the Biotech ETF XBI, and Nasdaq Internet ETF PNQI.  Russell 2000 ETF is the only small loss last 90 days.


Have a great week.

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