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Spy Weekly Update

S&P 500 SPDR (SPY) – Weekly Report for Jul 24th thru Jul 28th Weekly High 248.00 Weekly Low 245.68 Weekly Close 246.91 Short-Term Trend Bullish Intermediate-Term Trend Bullish Long-Term Trend Bullish Cyclical Trend Bullish (turns bearish on a monthly close below 107.43) Secular Trend...
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Examining Some Portfolio & ETF Results

Let's look at the SPY (S&P500) and QQQ (Nasdaq 100)

We’ve discussed previously that there are several ways to utilize what’s available here on the NetPicks ETF Investor.  Please review the suggested entry & exit strategies here. Remember, our objective with this approach to investing is not be highly speculative and consider this active...
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Investing in the Junior Gold Mining Industry with GDXJ  Using an ETF trend trading strategy that is focused on the long term will maximize your portfolio returns in the long run.  Refer to the ETF Heatmap Rankings to determine if now is the best...
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ETF Investment Strategies to Help Power Long Term Investing Success   “Green Zone” ETF Investment Strategy This is our core ETF investing strategy and is fundamental to finding the latest top trending ETF investments.  All 154 ETF asset categories are ranked weekly by trend...
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How it Works

See how we make sense out of thousands of ETF choices

We Distill the Investment Universe to Just 154 ETF Investment Options We have carefully selected 154 ETFs to represent the entire investment universe.  Investors that try to follow all market news and trends on thousands of companies daily are setting unrealistic investment expectations.  ...
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