Update on My Personal ETF Portfolio

Current Update for August, 2017


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As you may have read previously, the primary motivation initially in developing this website is I had spent years having someone else trade my long-term portfolio. NetPicks demanded all of my time, as well as our team of coaches and there simply wasn’t time for all of the active day and swing trading to go with the longer term portfolio.

Seemed smart at the time to pay a well-qualified investment management company to come up with the portfolio and monitor it throughout the year. Well, short story is every mutual fund I was put into seemed to have fees in the 1% – 2% range on top of an annual management fee (about 1.5% in addition), and that simply meant I was ALWAYS lagging behind the market in the good times, and losing more in the bad.

Time to take control of my long-term but needed something simple that would only take a few minutes a week.

You can see the exact ETFs I’ve hand selected from this website that fit my personal objectives, and indices I have comfort with. This certainly doesn’t have to be your choices.

ETF Asset Class

My portfolio is listed on that page, #20 – Misc.

Here’s when I bought, and current pricing based on the exact same strategy I’ve shared with all of you:

Updated 8/4/17

ETF Portfolio

Updated 6/16/17

ETF Portfolio Update

Updated 5/5/17

Mark's ETF Portfolio

Updated 4/2/17

Screen Shot 2017-04-02 at 2.30.51 PM

My best performer as you can tell has been the PNQI – Powershares Nasdaq Internet at just over 22% gains. I’m averaging about 15% gains getting buy setups from 4/11/16 to 8/22/16. The only one that I’m not currently holding are bonds which have been out for about five months.

Given the long, extended run I do have some other ways of placing some protective stops to ensure I can hold onto at least a good majority of the gains if/when this turns around. Of course, I will be watching the Power Scores + Long Trend closely — if they crossover ‘0’ we’ll be ready to exit.

What do I like most? I haven’t paid anyone a management fee (which would cost me thousands per year, plus each of these ETFs is very low cost, usually a fraction of a percent) so when I put that together with my savings just from fees are low five figures. Money that was just given away in the past. None of us can control whether markets stay bullish or ultimately turn south but just the fee savings along is a difference maker. Imagine that compounded over time…

I would have bet that by now we would have seen a significant correction. That is simply a guessing game. This is another reason why I stay committed ultimately to the mechanical signal to exit (or my stops like mentioned above.) If I went off an opinion or whim, I would likely have missed out on this post-election push higher. I don’t see it lasting forever, but I’ll be patient and wait for the signals to exit.

Hopefully, you’re using this strategy and monitoring your own positions and allocations. Let me know if any questions as always and best of success with your investments.


  1. Sam Ive says:

    Hello Mark,

    Thanks for making this website available to ordinary investors. Your personal portfolio results are impressive. Also your buy points were well timed. What specific approach was used to determine a buy or sell decision in your portfolio?


    1. Mark Soberman says:


      I use the exact method I described here: I like the Power Score + Long Term Trend Strategy detailed there. Thanks.

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Ready To Fire Your Money Manager?

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