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Your Ticket For Long Term ETF Trading Success (Updated for week of July 15th, 2024 Inside)

Our Service went bearish in November 2021!  Now everyone is talking about recession, bear markets and crashes.  Remember, we were bearish over 13 months ago… beat the crowd by over a year…and…we went back to bullish January 6th, 2023!

We believe everyone should be empowered to trade their long term holdings, whether you are managing your retirement account, investing for future goals such as a home, education or other major expenses.

The secret?  Keep your expenses low.  Do it with Exchange Traded Funds.

Why should you pay expensive mutual fund fees and management expenses since most returns won’t even keep you above inflation?

Nobody has more of an interest in your future than you do so why leave it in the hands of someone who gets paid even if you have negative returns?

The truth is that you can do a better job at managing your money than the “professionals”.

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Why are you getting this opportunity?

A few years ago our founder, Mark Soberman was so focused on our active trading systems, trading and student support that he simply did not have time to manage his long-term portfolio.

Like you, his money manager continually lagged the indexes using an actively managed set of funds, yet Mark still had expenses that were 5x to 10x what the typical low cost exchange traded funds have.

  • During the bear market?  No protection from the decline.
  • During a bull market?  Under-performance.

He asked himself, “what was the point of paying these high fees if it never amounted to a benefit”.

After researching this expensive issue it became clear:  

There are simply no clear advantages to active management.  

The studies have shown it, the research has proven it – the expenses just work to slowly but surely guarantee you subpar performance.

We know how it feels to watch your future get eaten up by low returns and high fees.  Nobody likes to deal with an uncertain future.

Please accept our offer of the exact research and analysis
we successfully use internally….at no cost.

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